January 2020 Calendar Printable Template

Today, we are going to discuss about the monthly calendar. In this post, we would give you some necessary information about the scheduling of this month. You will get to learn lots of things about this month like, number of holidays, nature of holidays, and many other things. You must learn some more facts about this January 2020 Calendar as well. You should know how to start a new life by focusing on the future and forgetting the past. As we all know that our life is going on, whether we live up a comfortable life or face hardship in day to day to day life. Most of the people are unable to manage their time properly because they are too much busy in their professional life. Time management is a technique that has to be learned by everyone if they want to achieve success in life. In this session, we are presenting a tool which has been in use since the ancient time. This tool is called the calendar, which would help you in time management and several other ways.

January 2020 Calendar Printable Template

January 2020 Calendar
January 2020 Calendar

Versatility of Calendars

We urge you to stay tuned with us and read our article carefully. If you would read it correctly, you definitely learn something new about January Calendars. We have some useful information about this month, which can’t be obtained from other platforms. The multiple uses of Blank January 2020 Calendar make it more demanding. Almost all the household has a format of the calendar, hanging on the wall. We often forget some small events like birthday, anniversary, engagement, and many others. It makes us embarrass when we get to know after the date passes. If you want to get rid of your forgetting habit, you must bring this January Calendar in your life. It would change your life forever, and you become punctual and responsible.

Multipurpose Assistant

This is a month in which many different holidays and festivals take place. Sometimes we are updated about holidays and other events however sometimes we forget it. The impact of forgetting the birthday of loved ones can break the relation. If you want to avoid this confusion, then obtain the January Calendar and mark all the important dates. Enough space on this January 2020 Calendar Template allows adding some daily routine and upcoming events. This tool would help to manage your time and work. Using it regularly will increase productivity and work performance. It would assist in many ways, and everyone can be able to get their work done on time. Let’s have these items and organize your whole day with proper planning.

January Holidays in the United States

As we all know that there are many festival and holidays are celebrated throughout this month in different parts of the world. However, we only discuss the holidays of the United States, which would be celebrated in this month. January 2020 Calendar With Holidays is the best thing to get all the essential details this month.

New Year

The biggest event celebrated on the first day of January is New Year. It is one of the most significant events in which gathers millions of people, and they celebrate it by sharing the love, emotions, gratitude with each other. It is a suitable time to organize parties all night with friends and loved ones. However, it is also the time to bring some new things into life. You must forget your past and focus on your future, and it is the moment of learning some new languages and skills. In the United States, people gather at historical places, beaches, and bar with their friends and acquaintance. They organize the feast and party in their homes and invite their relatives. There are millions of people commemorate this event together. No matter where they come from, which community they belong to. They only love to see the moment when the clock reaches midnight, and the firecracker makes the sky colorful. In the USA, it is recognized as a federal holiday.

History of the New Year is also fascinating. This event used to celebrate in March during the Roman era. King Numa Pompilius included January and February month in the calendar, and that’s how January became the first month.

Martin Luther King Jr. Day

The second federal holiday is celebrated to appreciate the achievement and effort of Martin Luther King jr. He was a reformationist who started campaigns against racial discrimination and inequality. His protest was nonviolent, which had a significant influence on the government of America. Through his protest, he was able to end the discrimination of African and American. He taught the world to respect black people. Martin Luther King was a powerful person; he always fought for which he believed right. Now, he is a hero in the view of Americans. If you want to celebrate his birthday, then mark the third Wednesday on the January 2020 Calendar Printable and be the part of the grand celebration.

January 2020 Calendar Template
January 2020 Calendar Template

History of January

The name given to the January is taken from the ancient Roman God Janus. He was known as the god of gateways. People believed that Janus protects the gate of heaven. It is the coldest month on the southern hemisphere and warmest month on the northern hemisphere. It is the first month of the year and has 31 days. It brings the New Year, which has a significant impact on all human beings on the earth. During January, the winter remains at the peak, and there is a snowfall in some parts of the United States.

It is the month that opens the gate to organize the entire year by getting the new method of achievement. People consider January as the month of new hope and prosperity. The pleasant weather allows you to set the date of the wedding, birthday, engagement, and several other events. Important dates can be selected by using Printable January 2020 Calendar.

Printable January 2020 Calendar
Printable January 2020 Calendar

Some fact about January

  • January got its name from the Roman god Janus who is considered as the god of Doorways.
  • In the month of January, the first month considered as such day in which several presents and candies are distributed among children.
  • It is the first month of the year that brings the biggest event called Happy New Year.
  • The person who born in January recognized as the most intelligent and hardworking.
  • It is said that more couples separate and divorce in January than any other month.
  • January is the coldest month of the year in the northern hemisphere.
  • National hangover day is also celebrated in January.
  • It is also the national soup month in the United States.

Famous birthday in January

  1. Benjamin Franklin—was born on (January 17, 1705). He was one of the founding fathers of America. 
  2. Martin Luther King Jr.—was born on January 15, 1929, in Atlanta Georgia. He is the famous personality in the United States. He was known for social reformation and advocate of equality for black peoples.
  3. Mohammad Ali – was born on (January 17, 1942) and died on June 3, 2016). He was a famous and professional boxer. 
  4. Alexander Hamilton – was born on (January 11, 1755, and died on 17, July, 1804). He was known as an American politician, legal scholar, banker, and economist. 
  5. Zora Neale Hurston— was born on (January 28, 1960) he was famous as the influential author of African- American literature and filmmaker.

Awesome Things to do in January

  • Decorate your house with new things and distribute old stuff to the poor.
  • Find a new job if your current job is not sufficient for you.
  • Go shopping and buy some new stuff with your family and loved ones.
  • Ask the special person in your life for a date and take them out for dinner.
  • Learn how to manage time effectively.
  • Eliminate all your vain activity and focus on the success path.
  • Celebrate the New Year and share the love, emotions, gratitude among the masses.
  • Make some healthy daily routines, which help to grow and increase productivity.
  • Make a distance with negative people and find the company of a positive one.
  • Plan a holiday tour and visit some other country.
  • Customize the blank calendar and add all the important work which you have to finish on time.
  • Mark the date of holidays and festival on your calendar and hang it on the wall.
  • Download the online calendar, which works as the automatic tools, and update you throughout the month.
  • Create a good timetable for your child with the help of the Monthly January Calendar 2020.
January 2020 Calendar Printable
January 2020 Calendar Printable


January is the first month of the year, and many designed Floral January 2020 Calendar can be used to get daily updates. Many facts about the origin of this month have been explained briefly. The famous birthday of important personalities can also be known by reading this article. We’ve also tried to help in doing better planning for the holidays, by adding some ideas under the ‘awesome things to do’ section. This way, an organized month can be planned with the assistance of Cute January 2020 Calendar. It can also be shared with office friends, college friends or someone special :).

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