April 2020 Calendar Printable Template

Do you feel stress about not accomplishing goals on time or crossing the deadline of the tasks within a particular time? We recommend April 2020 Calendar, as it helps to identify the time-wasting activities and eliminate them. It ultimately saves a lot of time. Saved time can be used in planning, managing, and organizing of the desired task. This exercise will keep moving forward, and no one could stop you from being successful. Blank April 2020 Calendar has a blank space, and it helps in setting goals by providing focus and direction. You can fully control your life direction with the help of it. Make a habit of checking it daily, in the morning, and before going to bed at night. It can also be set as wallpaper on the phone. We have colorful as well as the black and white template in which you can mark the important dates with color pens and pencil etc.

April 2020 Calendar Printable Template

April 2020 Calendar
April 2020 Calendar

April Holiday 2020

Easter Sunday

In 2020, Easter Sunday falls on April 12, in which many local community centers and churches will be hosting their events of egg hunts. It is the first day of Easter Week, which ends on Easter Saturday. Easter Sunday is one of the oldest and most important festivals of the Western Christian many schools and college across the united states will be closed the following Monday in observation of this religious holiday.

New York, Chicago, Atlanta, and Phoenix are top cities of the United States where you get a chance to see the Easter Bunny. The date of Easter depends on the lunar calendar that why it is varied every year. Use Cute April 2020 Calendar to mark the all essential dates of Easter festive event.

Churches and Community that offer Easter Services
  • St. Patrick’s Cathedral in New York City
  • Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception
  • National Cathedral in Washington, DC
  • St. Louis Cathedral in New Orleans
Here is the list of upcoming five year Easter Sunday.
  • Easter 2021: April 4
  • Easter 2022: April 17
  • Easter 2023 April 9
  • Easter 2024 March 31
  • Easter 2025 April 20

Earth Day Events

Every year April 22 celebrated as Earth Day across the world in which people come together and take the pledge to keep earth clean and green. In 1969 it was founded as a day of conservation but later on celebrated throughout the World as Earth Day. In major cities of the United States, people clean parks and public places as well as environmental charities, concerts, and lectures on environmental issues. If you want to become a volunteer of the earth, so contribute whatever, visit.

Earth day is the planet’s most significant civic event. This year the theme of this day will be Climate action. It doesn’t matter which country and region you belong to, cleaning earth is our responsibility to get fresh air and protect natural resources that are decreasing day by day. We recommend you to plant a tree near your place. As this day is significant, I would suggest everyone mark this date on Floral April 2020 Calendar. This pattern perfectly suits the theme of this day.

April 2020 Calendar Template
April 2020 Calendar Template

Famous Personalities Who were Born and Died In April

William Wordsworth

William Wordsworth was Britain’s English poet who was born on April 7, 1770, as well as died on April 23, 1850, at the age of 80. He is widely acknowledged as the father of Romantic poet, and poet of nature as well. His poetries have touched different aspects of life. He has written around 387 poems during his lifetime. Romantic poetry is a powerful and artistic expression of the natural feeling in man. Wordsworth believed that through his poetry, he teaches people about nature, love, and sympathy for the common man.

William Wordsworth was very fascinated about writing poetry since childhood. He has written a lot of poetry as a young boy in Hawkshead Grammar school (now in Cumbria). William Taylor, the headmaster of the school, recognized the talent of Wordsworth of writing poetry, and encouraged a lot to achieve a great height in the field of poetry. Below is the list of Top poetry of Wordsworth that everyone should read and especially for who is an enthusiast poet-writer.

  • Daffodils, or ‘I wandered lonely as a cloud
  • The Lucy Poems
  • Expostulation and Reply’ and ‘The Tables Turned
  • Hart-Leap Well
  • The World is too much with us
  • Ode to duty
  • It is a beauteous evening, calm and free
  • Strange fits of passion have known
  • The solitary reaper

William Shakespeare

William Shakespeare was an English poet, playwriter, and actor who was born in April and died in April as well. He was widely recognized as the World’s greatest dramatist. The plays of Shakespeare have been translated into every dominant language of the World. Do you know? Apart from writing plays, Shakespeare also performed on stage with a group of actors. At the time of Shakespeare, women were prohibited from acting on stage, so boys played the role of women.

Shakespeare Facts

  1. Born on April 26, 1564, and died on April 23, 1616, at the age of 52 years, buried in the sanctuary of the parish church, Holy Trinity.
  2. Wrote 37 plays and lots of poetry, which is around two plays every year for 20 years.
  3. Hamlet, one of his extended play, comprises of 4,042 lines.
  4. He has invented more than 1700 new words, and his complete work of literature contains 884,647 words.
  5. He was married to Anne Hathaway in 1582 and had three children.

Adolf Hitler

Adolf Hitler was the leader of the Nazi party (National Socialist German Workers Party) and being chancellor of Germany from 1933 to 1945 as a dictator. He was the main accused of World War II, which led to the death of 11 million people. Hitler is a well-known figure in the history who have been subject of the countless book, TV shows, and documentaries.

Hitler originally belonged to Austria, but he revoked his Austrian citizenship in 1952 to avoid being deported back to his original country. He had played an essential role in World War I and being honored with Iron Cross First Class medal.

Hitler Facts

  1. Known as a depraved leader and dictator of Germany who instigates World War II.
  2. Born on April 20, 1889, in Austria and died April 30, 1945, in Berlin, Germany.
  3. He was the son of Alois Hitler and Klara Poelzl.
  4. He was married to Eva Braun.
  5. Education: Realschule in Steyr.
  6. “In starting and waging war, it is not right that matters but victory.” It is a notable quote of Hitler.

If you want to know the in-depth knowledge about Adolf Hitler’s life, then we recommend a few top books which you can purchase from Amazon.

Printable April 2020 Calendar
Printable April 2020 Calendar

Benefits of April Calendar

The April 2020 Calendar Template will help in finding the number of holidays available to enjoy with friends. April has a total of 30 days, so if you want to go on vacation, then figure out the place, cheap flight offers, and vacation ideas. Moreover, if anyone is not interested in going on the trip, then he can spend his vacation at home doing some gardening and reading the newspaper.

April month consists of special holidays as well as specific events that occur during the month. Below we have explained a few significant events. April 2020 Calendar With Holidays will keep you ahead, and provide all the essential information to plan all the days amazingly.

Monthly Calendars

  1. January 2020 Calendar
  2. February 2020 Calendar
  3. March 2020 Calendar

Facts about April

  • It was the second month in the early Roman calendar, but later on, Ancient Romans started using January as the first month, then it became the fourth month of the year.
  • It is named after the Greek goddess of love, Aphrodite, and its name originally came from Aprilis, which means to open.
  • It is a month of humor, as the first day of April celebrated as April fool day across the World.
  • The birthstone for April is the diamond. Sweet pea and Daisy are two birth flowers of this month.
  • The monsoon of April is not similar all over the World, so planting and harvesting season will be different. Many peoples like to travel to different countries and regions. Check the season’s condition before travel planning, and plan everything with April 2020 Calendar Printable correctly.
  • Small animals that hibernated under soil come out from burrow due to heat, and as full spring takes place this month, bees and butterflies begin to gather nectar from the first flowers of the season.
April 2020 Calendar Printable
April 2020 Calendar Printable


Using it is a great thing to manage time and be productive throughout the month. Printable April 2020 Calendar is available in multiple formats that are best to use in smartphones and Computers as wallpaper or screensaver. In the era of technology, print formats become very useful. Are you thinking about getting a template? Maybe you need one, then sincerely read this article to know what unique features of planners. Share Monthly April Calendar 2020 with friends and relatives. Additionally, you can write your judgment about whatever comes in your mind in the comment section.

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