About Us

Hey y’all, welcome to Builderkraft.com. Our team of 4 people has been creating Calendars and many more templates for the past few years. We have researched the needs of various kinds of professionals, businesspersons, and students at different levels.

We are creating Calendars in various styles, themes, formats, and sizes so that people from all walks of life may get a planner template that may suit all their personal and professional requirements.

It was never easy to schedule all the significant tasks and events. But we made things simple with our printable and cute designer calendars.

Apart from calendars, we have provided different designs associated with business, decoration, education, and several other designs.

Builderkraft family is working hard to guide how to plan your tasks systematically so that you can foresee the upcoming opportunities and obstacles in getting them.


Here is the Introduction to Builderkraft Family:

Tracy Levisay, Founder, Head Graphic Designer & Author

I am Tracy Levisay; I am the founder of builderkraft.com. I have always been interested in art and design, and I pursued my passion by studying graphic design at the University of Maryland.

I have worked in the design industry for over 10+ years and have experience with various clients, from small businesses to large corporations.

An urge to do something that is not only creative made me start my own business. I started this website 4 years back with limited resources.

By the time our team has reached of 4 peoples including me. Every individual did their best to reach this much and help millions with our designer templates.

As a founder and head graphic designer, I assign projects and check flaws in the content designs. Sometimes I also write content to help people with my writing ability.

I am also responsible for research work to find different issues individuals face. After identifying the problem, any associates try to solve that issue by creative designing ability.

Annie Keats, Author

I am Annie Keats, a professional writer with more than 6 years of experience. I have a degree in English from the University of Washington and have been writing professionally since graduation.

My professional roles include freelance writer, copywriter, editor, and content strategist. I am currently a full-time content writer for builderkraft.com.

I specialize in creating compelling, well-written content that provides value to the reader. My skills include copywriting, creating content strategies, and writing high-quality web content.

Like a professional author, I have a keen eye for detail and a knack for finding the most exciting stories to share. I am passionate about writing, and I firmly believe that great content is the key to a help people.

Ivana Balen, Graphic Designer & Author

I am Ivana Balen, a graphic designer, and content writer. My training in Graphic and Design from the Rhode Island School of Design has allowed me to develop excellent skills in both writing and visuals.

I have worked in the design and advertising industry for several projects. My work revolves around crafting stories and creating design visuals that resonate with people.

I firmly believe in the power of design to tell stories and engage people on an emotional level. It takes lots of research, but nothing is more important than providing value to the users.

I am passionate about using my skills to create meaningful experiences that make a difference in people’s lives.

Matt Dempsey, Web Designer

I am Matt Dempsey, a web designer from Los Angeles, CA. My education at Utah Valley University enabled me to gain the required skills as a web designer. 

I have been designing websites for several years and am passionate about creating beautiful, user-friendly designs.

I am an experienced front-end developer with a strong knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. My work is to do web designing and coding for builderkraft.com. I also manage hosting, server, and this website’s technical aspects.

I firmly believe that the layout of the website should be user-friendly. Many changes take place to the website by me over time to provide the best results to the visitors.

If you want more information about any designs or content, kindly contact us.

You can also connect with us on our official social media platform.